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Product Parameters

Brand: ZEQI

Model: ZE-C202

Type: Smart Car Charger

Material: Metal Casing

Chip: Intelligent identification IC

Port: Dual USB Port

USB1: 5V/2.4A

USB2: 66W Max(4.5V 5A/5V 4.5A/9V 2A/10V 2.25A/12V 1.8A)

Working temperature: 0°C ~ 60°C

Working Voltage: DC 12 ~ 24V


Packing List

1*ZE-C202 Car Charger


Full Compatibility

HUAWEI SuperCharge


VIVO Dual Engine Flash Charge

Xiaomi ChargeTurbo

VIVO Super FlashCharge

Compatible Huawei SCP/FCP

Compatible Qualcomm QC3.0


Smart Chips

Built-in explosion-proof UC, charging is safer and more reliable. The chip automatically distributes power and can charge electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets at the same time, providing an excellent charging environment and prolonging the service life of the battery.

Intelligent Cooling

With intelligent temperature control chip, low temperature charging is safer, metal heat dissipation is fast, and intelligent cooling does not get hot.

Intelligent Recognition

Not only fully compatible with smartphones, but also compatible with tablets, driving recorders, MP3 players, and GPS navigation.

Dual USB Port

Dual USB charging ports, the main driver and co-pilot can charge at the same time, no need to wait, saving time.

USB Quick Charging

With a special design USB power port, it gives you the capability of charging. Compatible HUAWEI SuperCharge, OPPO Super VOOC, VIVO Dual Engine Flash Charge, Xiaomi ChargeTurbo, VIVO Super FlashCharge, Huawei SCP/FCP, Qualcomm QC3.0.

Mini Compact

Small size, small volume, does not take up space, integrates with the car cigarette lighter, beautiful time.

Safety Guarantee

With multiple CI protection to avoid overloads, over voltage prevention, over flow prevention, short circuit protection, over power protection, PTC over temperature protection and other 6 protection, improve the efficiency of charge and discharge.



The fast charging function is only applicable to mobile phones that support the fast charging function. To use the fast charging function, a charging cable that supports the fast charging function is required.


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